We have worked with a lot of brands and a lot of dealerships and every one looks different. Here are just a few samples.

The Client: Vanderstyne Toyota
The Agency: Sundance Marketing, LLC
The Assignment:  Create a flexible advertising campaign that can work across media types while also developing a personal connection between the dealership and the consumer.
The Answer: Develop ads that connect with consumers on a personal level and reveal the family values and family care that Vanderstyne delivers.



The Client: Van Bortel Automotive
The Agency: Sundance Marketing
The Assignment: Support the Van Bortel brand across product lines for use in digital and TV campaigns.
The Answer: After launching a initial brand campaign, continue to deliver flexible, efficient and targeted advertising that evolves as the client’s requirements change.

Van Bortel subaru

Van Bortel Corvette

Van Bortel Ford

Van Bortel Chevrolet


The Client: LeBrun Toyota
The Agency: Media Connection
The Assignment:  Create television advertising for LeBrun Toyota that keeps the dealer brand current with consumer trends over time. From ads that connect with specific demographics to changing ways people shop for cars.
The Answer: Develop ads that connect with specific demographics, that address new technologies and the changing ways people shop for cars.

LeBRUN Toyota