Helping community arts organizations and social services agencies tell their stories.

The Client: Eastman Presents Concert Series
The Agency: Tipping Point Communications
The Assignment:  Invite the greater Rochester area to come experience world-class performers and breathtaking performances in our area's most gorgeous venue.
The Answer: Partner with David LeVant to draw audiences in with a first-person point of view of arriving and experiencing an event and a montage of the current season's rhythms and sights. Close with a new tagline for the season.

eastman presents concert series


The Client: Catholic Family Center
The Agency: Sundance Marketing
The Assignment:  Relay the message of how CFC's critical services are impacting those in the community.
The Answer: Partner with David LeVant  and Ray Manard to illustrate how Catholic Family Center touches the lives of so many people  and the impact they have in our community.

Catholic family center gala video

simple pleasures

ghost town


Client: Mercy Flight Central
The Agency: Persuasive Communications
The Assignment: Build awareness of the fixed-wing resources at MFC and how critical they are in extending the reach of these life saving services.
The Answer: Create a series of testimonials supporting the critical function these additional resources provide.

mercy flight - fixed wing

mercy flight - fast response


The Client: Aids Community Health Center
The Agency: Media Connection
The Assignment:  Create television advertising campaign that makes people aware of the risks of HIV in the community, why people need to get tested and what to do if you are positive.
The Answer: Develop ads that are direct, factual and appeal across multiple demographics.

aids community health center - first date

aids community health center - get tested

aids community health center - support services