Sometimes we just see a story that has to be told regardless of resources. We have great colleagues and professionals who will step up when the time comes.

Special Thanks to those who contributed for this project: Crystal Pix, Inc., PowerHouse27 Studios, C.L. Kyle Image Consultants, David J. LeVant, Inc., Sundance Marketing, LLC. and of course Catholic Family Center.

refugee psa

A project that aims to broaden awareness of who refugees are and what they had to go through before coming to the United States. This PSA was created to drive viewers to longer form vignettes telling each person's story.


Sadika is one of the "Stateless" from Kuwait with no rights, no opportunities and no access to her children. She moved from camp to camp landing on the island of Nauru off the Australian coast where there were no services and little food or water. She spent four years there under the constant threat of being assaulted.


Samir worked as a translator and cultural advisor with US soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom. After seven years and constantly having to move his family in the night to avoid being killed, Samir knew he had to leave the country.


Tek and his family crossed the boarder from Bhutan to Nepal in the middle of the night as refugees forced out by government pogroms. After spending 18 years in a Nepalese refugee camp, he and his family were granted entrance to the US.


Obaida was only six years-old when her home was bombed and her mother told her they had to flee. Traveling only at night, they set out on foot for the perilous three week journey to Pakistan.


Akil left Iraq to escape torture and imprisonment by Saddam's Bathist regime. With the clothes on his back and few dollars in his pocket he survived in foreign lands and was eventually granted entrance to the US.


Fatuma's mother sent her and her older sister to Kenya to escape the violence and terror of Somalia. Her sister died in Kenya while they waited to come to the US.

Be a Fruit Loop in a bowl of Cheerios.

Special Thanks to those who contributed for this project: 6th grade teachers Chris Dolgos and Alexis Stubbe, student parent Wendi Farkas and artist and influencer Shawn Dunwoody.

Better World Project

Another pro Bono project documenting the mural work by a class of 6th graders whose goal was to impact struggling neighborhoods with messages that neighbors offered to inspire and lift up the members of those communities.