Trade show and sales presentation videos.


Client: Rochester Institute of Technology
The Agency: Direct
The Assignment: Figure out how to capture the client's message and relationship with a sponsor so they can have a presence at an important industry trade show..
The Answer: Create a video that highlights the partnership between the university and the corporate client and captures the achievements of that partnership.

Golisano Institute of sustainability at RIT


Client: Hilliard Corporation
The Agency: Direct
The Assignment: Develop a series of videos that feature the products and services of the company.
The Answer: Create a series of videos focusing on various divisions and products and embed them in an intuitive interactive application the client can take to trade shows all over the country. Oh yeah, and offer a Spanish language version for categories that need it.

hilliard mining products


hilco vent mist eliminator


hilcoSEP coalescer


hilco lab testing services