I am jealous of my brother-in-law....


First let me say I am very fond of my brother-in-law Antonio. He is the uncle of our son and shares his name...Tio Antonio!

Now... "Tio Antonio" also happens to be this incredibly talented creative director and copywriter working in Europe... Vilnius, Lithuania of all places.

He managed to somehow move from Lima, Peru to the UK. Made acquaintances there that led him to visit Lithuania where he decided to set up shop. He joined MILK Agency and proceeded to sell advertising concepts to eastern European marketers without speaking a word of the native language.

A boat load of awards later along with a few years building a creative school called the Atomic Garden and now he seeding eastern Europe with the next generation of edgy advertisers.

Uncle Antonio is Antonio Bechtle and his students just blew up Vilnius with this spec ad:


Vilnius,,, the G-Spot of Europe. “Nobody knows where it is but when you find it it’s amazing.”

He claims his only input on the project was to say "Approved!" But we know... that is soooo Antonio.