Got Skills? Share Them.

Back in January of 2017 I was working on a paid project with several colleagues. During that time the rising tide of anti-refugee rhetoric and the "muslim ban" were crowding everyone's mind space. We were working with the Catholic Family Center whose refugee resettlement program was, and continues to face serious problems as a result of the new administrations policies.

My DP Ray Manard turned to me and expressed his desire to do something to address the subject. As a result, Ray, David LeVant our copywriter, Sundance Marketing who is the client's agency, Cindy Kyle the make-up specialist and PowerHouse27 Studio combined our specialties to conduct interviews with a number of local refugees and let them tell their stories.

The goal is to raise awareness of who refugees are and what happened that made them flee their homelands. Because no one just picks up and leaves everything and everyone they know to spend years in the purgatory that most experience coming to the United States.

This was our Skills moment... and the Catholic Family Center gratefully took the ball and ran with it.


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